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McDonald's burning desire

  • McDonald's burning desire

After suffering a major case of the "second year blues", North Melbourne defender Luke McDonald says he is ready to prove his worth.

McDonald believes he is fitter and stronger than previous years as he is ready to enter his third season in the AFL with the Kangaroos.

The 20 year old defender admits that he got complacent last season, which eventually saw him lose his spot in the senior side, spending time in the VFL developing his game.

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McDonald says that missing the preliminary final against the Eagles last season has made him more driven than ever before.

"I haven't missed a session this year. It's been good to come back in much better shape and be able to do all the running with the top group and improve a fair bit," McDonald told the AFL website. 

"It's been a much better pre-season than any I've ever done before."

The defender also added that it's tough to be able to balance the need of putting weight on, but keeping fit enough to run around with the stars of the competition.

"You've got to put on all this weight to match it with the boys, when at the same time you've got to match it with them in the running.

"The big thing (I had to improve) was just my strength in one-on-ones, and when I get tackled holding my ground. So I've done a lot of core stuff, which is good for my back as well. 

"I've put on about 10kg since I've been drafted (at about 80kg) and it's not like I feel I'm carrying it anymore, so I'm feeling good."

McDonald has been working with former Collingwood captain and current assistant coach Gavin Brown on developing his game further for 2016.

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